Diptyque Boutique

Project: Diptyque Boutique
Location: Shanghai, China
Application Type: Window Treatment, Fixed Panels
Model: No.31 Warm Gold
Specifier: Diptyque - Paris

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Founded in 1961 in Paris, the first Diptyque boutique was established as a place customers came to discover unique fabrics and traditional English perfumes. In an eclectic, ever-changing universe, the brand has since become a global icon for luxury fragrance and unique skin care.

True to its original character, each worldwide flagship is designed with a singular eye for refined natural decor. One-of-a-kind materials of the highest quality define each unique store, as is the case with the use of Sophie Mallebranche? fixed panels in the recently opened Shanghai boutique.

Suspended from the ceiling in an original, custom-developed installation, wide bands of Sophie Mallebranche? woven metal are draped across the ceiling in long, undulating panels. 

Crafted in a horizontal application of the material, the creation draws upon the flexibility of the fine metal weave, fashioning a sweeping wave motif that carries throughout the entirety of the interior. Long, horizontal lines of both the panels and the individual wires mirror the wooden planks of the floor and shelving structures, creating unity and flow in the space.
The warm gold weave is further enhanced by lighting that strategically highlights various curves and stretches of the material. The lighting exaggerates the reflective, luminous quality of the weave, giving a sense of movement and vibration to the decorative ceiling installation.

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