Woven Metal Lifts & Cabs

A sleek, contemporary solution to elevator cab finisHes.


In both dense and open weave, glass laminated panels bring an optical, artistic edge to elevator cab interiors. Enhancing luminosity through the nuanced, intricate weaves, Sophie Mallebranche? woven metal materials are a unique solution to
wall covering panels.   

The wall covering application emphasizes the material’s vertical weave pattern, transforming the cab into a polished, uniform interior. Manufactured with a permanent thermo-adhesive backing, material for wall covering is glued directly to the substrate, and edges are wrapped to create clean, installation-ready panels for wall and ceiling fitting.

Alternatively, glass laminated panels highlight the luminous, reflective nature of the weave, creating an elegant, luxurious finish. While contributing a glossy, sophisticated aesthetic, the addition of glass panels simultaneously acts as a protective layer to the material, creating a durable resistant surface.

Encapsulating each cab in floor to ceiling panels, Sophie Mallebranche? fine metal weaves offer a refined, contemporary alternative to standard elevator finishes. Available in wall covering and glass lamination applications, the finished woven metal panels refract and expand light and color, creating a sense of movement in a confined space.

 Sophie Malle Branche Metal screen
 Sophie Malle Branche Metal screen

Featured projects
Project: Private Elevator – Paris
Specifier: Pierre Yovanovitch – Paris
Model: N°19 Optical Grey
Project: Hotel Marianne – Paris
Specifier: Charles Zana – Paris
Model: N°37 Pink Gold
Project: Offices, 16th Street – Washington, D.C.
Specifier: Robert AM Stern – New York, NY
Model: N°17_OW White Gold
?Alessandro Clemenza
?John Magor