Originating from Sophie Mallebranche’s early work and research on tonal effects and light refraction, this spectacular Collection of Gradients was designed with the intention of rendering the luxurious and contemporary essence of Sophie’s metallic weaves in a fresh and innovative approach, to create a certain wow and never-seen before effect for Interior Design surfaces.


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Sophie Mallebranche - Special Gradings Collection


Based on solicitations and inspirations from the world's leading Interior Architects, the Collection pushes the limits of scaled patterns by offering the possibility to adapt the size, gradient effect and even the density of each piece to the desired custom size on a given project.  

As you discover the Collection, it’s important to keep in mind that each model is designed as an inspiration to be further fitted to the exact dimensions of your project. Each pattern can thus be resized and shaped to perfection.

Created for Wall Paneling, Glass Lamination and Window Shades, we made sure to design each weave with the potential to technically adapt to all applications and all spaces.


Adaptations are commonly adjustable between one and seven meters (three to twenty-five feet) in length for each of the 32 compositions. Custom creations of specifically requested color adaptations along with custom gradient patterns are also available beyond the Collection. To discover the Collection register with us by creating an account on this platform and then by clicking on the link below.


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